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Volunteer two months in Korea

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

Adventure starts.....

Training in GGS

We took training in environment protection NGO Global Green Stewards in Pusan, Korea.

Dong Lai High School

Dong Lai High School is the first destination to promote the environment protection. I still can remember the cute feedback they give me. Korean boys are really shy to express themselves but I am glad that I am able to motivate them activity participate in the environmental issues discussion.

We prepare for the environment protection education in the first high school we went.

I present the global environment issues to Dong Lai high school students.

In class activities about environment protection.

Featuring the closing of class in Dong Lai high school.

Guang Myung High School

Second place we went is Guang Myung high school. This is a high school only have males. Different from the first high school we went, students in this high school are very naughty. Thus we usually need to give a very detailed plan about how to deliver our presentations.

Second destination is Guang Myung high school. We talked about the Amazon forest issue.

Encourage them to join the discussion.

I raised some cases bout the country who did really well in terms of environment protection.

Pusan High School

Pusan Volunteer Campaign

I also had a lot of fun with volunteers in Pusan National Universities and 3 other volunteers from other countries.

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